wañderiñg 1651

¡ Prohibido Área!

Cars driving on the Golden Gate Bridge runs over100 mph for sure

If you are not interested in MLB

this contents are meañiñgless

ultímate breakiñg ball. es tope suicida

Is there meañiñgs for rescue people who commit suicide ?

cause they wañted to die añd did

Béisbol save the world for world peace

pull for dream

spray for art

right hittiñg for save childreñ , GBLT ,añd miñority

paz del muñdo

simple answer is

MLB is the best in the world for world peace

ballparks of MLB cerca de mar calling me

the view from goldeñ gate bridge is beautiful like my home town ñagasaki

El gato decir ñya

Number of breaking balls fallen from Golden Gate Bridge is over 1600

survivor 1-2%

Te amo MLB

siempre gracias

ezaru. entertaiñmeñt iñc